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The "team" that supports the Foundation Barbara Cappochin and the Order of Architects of the Province of Padua allowing the Biennale to grow, establishing itself in a few years as a prestigious laboratory comparison on the quality of contemporary architectural projects and social values ​​of living , is becoming more consolidated.
The traditional institutional partners: Region, Municipality of Padua, National Council of Architects, UIA, ANCE Padua, Ca.Ri.Pa.Ro. Foundation, have joined the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, the IUAV, the Consortium Zone industrial and River Port of Padua and the Chamber of Commerce of Padua.
Despite the severe economic crisis, almost all of our essential economic and technical partners have confirmed their support, to the very few who have been reluctantly forced to give up, I have taken over more and more numerous.

Thanks by the Foundation "Barbara Cappochin"