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Biennial 2009

The Architecture can improve the size of the relationships between people, providing space of the environment and landscape that receives them, the lives of men and women who inhabit it.

With this awareness, the Biennial is now in its 4th edition by using the tools of:

International Architecture Award "Barbara Cappochin" won this year by Japanese Hikoito Konishi;

The Architecture Table, presented at Piazza Cavour in Padua, designed by architect Zaha Hadid and built  by Ar.Te, an item of street furniture to provide the opportunity to approach the architecture of quality through the best works  superimposed ;

The Exhibition at Palazzo della Ragione in Padua with the exhibition of the works of architect Zaha Hadid: hundreds of blocks of various sizes, a swarm of wave forces, a huge installation where works and projects  "parade" according to thematic islands

For raise the quality of life and architecture as essential reality of one another.