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Biennial 2005



The International Prize for Architecture "Barbara Cappochin" .... is among the most extraordinary initiatives in the international scene for Architecture ...... The significant participation, 164 realizations from 27 countries, and the quality of the projects confirm the vitality and commitment of architects in the world ..... We are also convinced that the improvement of architectural quality to produce an improvement of our environment, and so constitutes a message of "positive" for all: a message of hope and peace, against any violence in the world !....."

Gaetan Siew -  U.I.A. President


The 164 works from around the world have been exposed to the Sala della Gran Guardia, from  November 18, 2005 to  February  19, 2006, with a large influx of visitors coming from Italy and abroad.

The "Prize for Architecture Barbara Cappochin" was born to become a showcase for synthesis of different components such as the design, construction and commissioning.

Enlargement from this second edition, from the provincial area of the first  2003 edition, to the international - confirming a specific section at the provincial level - is designed to extend the comparison, in collaboration with the UIA ( International Union of Architects) and the CNAPPC (National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscape and Conservatories), in order to make aware planners, builders and developers to focus on quality in design and construction chooses.

Architecture and territory, economy and society interact in a development process that requires a government expert with all the resources available.
Cultural resources and professional that the architect also offers the community to qualify, through the design of his architecture, evolutionary processes that are transforming the area.