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2013 Biennial

".....The Foundation gave us real freedom to make our choices, leaving us in Padua to the enthusiasm of examining projects fro designs them across the world. This was the basis for us reaching a consensus on decisions with a precise cultural approach, rewarding high quality aesthetic designs that included bold, innovative elements that provide a positive answer to the growing troubles of communities - both here an across the world - and thus prove architecture is not a luxury but a shared and necessary asset....."

(Leopoldo Freyrie President of the International Jury and of the National Order of Architects)




More then 300 the works participating to the 2013 edition of the  International Architecture Prize
“Barbara Cappochin”
The international increment of the participations confirm the worldwide renown  of the Prize: 30 the Countries of  all the Continents, with Japan and Spain in second and third place after Italy.
Very important the participation of Portugal, Finland, Brazil, South Korea, France, Mexico, China, Australia, India and Sweden and of the new entry Jordan, Georgia and even the Republic of Vanuatu



"The itinerary of the Exhibition at Palazzo della Ragione is a kind a roam among worlds: the social world of the polis that changes, the poetic world of the zero gravity, the world of the planning and the ideal world that thinks the art as a strong instrument of collective conscious.
There is a continuous trespass through these different worlds, which inevitably get confused, overlap. The large monographic tables are islands of a archipelago Above them, at the top, all fly, everything is suspended."
Renzo Piano