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Biennial 2011

Regenerating Cities, a possible project: this is the objective of this edition of the Biennial, this is the theme of the Exhibition at the Palazzo della Ragione.

We need to formulate new visions, strategies and tools; the elements that make up the complexity of the urban problem in our region are: the appalling condition of the building fabric raised after the war; the absence of public spaces not dedicated to traffic and simple advances of the built-up areas; use of the land, now at danger point; the capitulation of urban life to wheels and motors; the crazy consumption and relative cost of energy; the question of waste and non-recyclable materials; in short, urban de-humanisation.

Sustainable Urban Regeneration is the synthesis of a possible solution, to take the form of research and discussion leading to a plan for the next 20 years; that is, the possibility of altering the existing city, remaking and regenerating the buildings and public spaces, without using more land, saving energy, with courageous strategies on traffic and waste, in a design on a vast regional scale divided into precise operations.

It is a difficult but possible undertaking.

from a report of Leopoldo Freyrie
(President of the National Council of Architects, Planners and Landscapers and Conservationists)